Uhuru sets up super PROPAGANDA for 2017 as ODM’s disorganization ROCKS boat before the grand RACE

By Jim Bonnie

When Uhuru Kenyatta posted this photo yesterday that he visited his research and media monitoring center located at the KICC, I was not shocked but saddened.uhuru nedia

It showed me a serious man with proper organization around him all set for 2017. Comparing that to what is happening in ODM and around Raila, I saw nothing but a bleak future.

Let me state categorically that we may be chasing a mirage in 2017. The disorganization around Raila mainly caused by lethal saboteurs cleverly calling themselves loyalists and opportunistic politicians whose main agenda is to use Raila’s name for both political and business gains is really saddening.

While we spend 90% of our time roasting moles in the party, JAP is allocating 10% fighting Raila and 90% preparing for 2017. Let me ask, who has a chance of winning the presidency? Don’t answer keep it in your heart because the answer is too painful to bear.


I feel for my Luo nation who are tortured mentally. I know we want one of our sons to rise to the house on the hill. In 2013, we saw folks who were tasked with overseeing Raila elections trade blames after they blundered. (We will ventilate on this later). It is better we start telling our people the truth so that we demarcate our future clearly with white lines instead of living in eternal illusions.

I tell you for a fact, Raila presidency is possible in 2017 but with the current disorganizational confusion and deception by some MPs and those who want to become MPs, we may just kiss the Raila presidency a painful goodbye.

It is a sad reality, one that many thickheaded and opportunistic Luos will be quick to dismiss under the influence of clear instructions from their masters.

We need new breed of Luo leaders to help us achieve Raila presidency, not the current tainted PR niggas I see around. This is a conversation we must have boldly without trivializing issues.

Can a Tom Mboya or a Julius Malema rise from Luo Nyanza today? I am and will devote my all towards the realization of a Raila presidency but, i will never waste time sweating for a course that others are working so hard to sabotage in disguise of being loyalists.

It is painful, very painful.

The article was first published by Kenya Today

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