Lovers paint Nairobi Red on Valentine’s Day

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 14 – The streets of Nairobi were painted red on Saturday, a special day for lovers celebrating Valentines Day which is marked on February 14 every year.

There were dozens of florists who set up tents up on major several major streets like Kenyatta Avenue, Moi Avenue, on Koinange Street as well as other strategic points in the city.

According a report by IPSOS Kenya which was released on Saturday showed that 67 percent of Kenyans were prepared to celebrate the occasion even with limited finances.

“Sixty four percent of those who intend to celebrate the day claim to have limited finances for this particular day,” the survey indicates.

Those who will celebrate, about 75 percent of them intend to purchase a gift with the gifts including clothes (31 percent), Red roses (28 percent), a special dinner (8 percent), shoes (7 percent), chocolate (4 percent) and a bottle of wine (2 percent) among others.

According to the survey, majority of those who intend to celebrate the lovers will spend between Sh1000 to Sh2000 (19 percent), with a few expecting to spend more than Sh20, 000(4 percent).

Eighty percent of the participants will be celebrating the day with a romantic partner.

However, Thirty two percent of Kenyans will not celebrate the occasion with a majority of them (24 percent) attributing it to lack of anyone to celebrate with while 22 percent of them do not believe in Valentine’s Day.

“Fifteen percent will be working, 12 percent are broke while 11 percent have never celebrated the day, 8 percent are not in a relationship “the report stated.

When asked what gifts or activity one would like to get from their partner during this year’s valentines, majority of Kenyans said they want clothes (22 percent), 13 percent want Red roses, while 11 percent want nothing.

“Nine percent expect a special dinner, nine percent want shoes, 7 percent want cards and only 2 percent want wine, “the report states.

Interestingly, 40 percent of the single women are hoping that their boyfriends will propose while 63 percent of the single men do not plan to engage their girlfriends this Valentine.

The survey was conducted between 9th and 11th February 2015 on about 1075 adults aged 18 and above living in urban areas.

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