Time to see if CCTV will help resolve latest murder mystery

By The standard
The murder of Kabete Member of Parliament George Muchai, his driver and two bodyguards drives home the fact that security is still a major problem especially in the capital city even though we have experienced relative calm after changes in the security docket late last year. Mr Muchai’s murder adds to the tally of politicians killed mysteriously in the country. The mysteries surrounding the deaths of JM Kariuki, Tom Mboya and Robert Ouko, among others, have not been resolved despite many years of investigations. With the Government’s avowed commitment to making Kenya safe and the advent of technological advancement, Muchai’s murder should be resolved in the shortest time possible. Or so we believe. At this point, it is necessary not to let speculation run wild as we await police to finalise on their investigations. What is not lost though is that Muchai’s murder will be a serious test for the efficacy of the much taunted Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV). See also: MPs ask for more security officers Such murder-most-foul took place in the centre of town adjacent to one of Kenya’s busiest roads, Uhuru Highway and near Nyayo House, one of the city’s most guarded buildings. The Government approved Sh16 billion last year for the installation of surveillance cameras in a bid to improve security within the city. The GoK and the Safaricom project is in the initial stages. But for now, the spotlight will be shone on the Nairobi County CCTV cameras mounted about a year or so ago. The question of whether the cameras are functional or just another white elephant project has arisen, as investigators await footage to assist them. The gunmen could have known of the presence of the cameras hence the masks they wore. There are several important buildings, including a bank around the area where the legislator was killed that are guarded round the clock by the police.

Did the officers on duty witness the incident? A day before Muchai’s murder, gunmen threw a grenade into a café in Mandera killing one person and injuring many more. Over the last one week, seven people are said to have been killed in Turkana. Police reforms should be accelerated to make them more efficient and astute at preventing crime and thereby erase the notion that at best, the Kenya Police is a scene of crime outfit gobbling up taxpayers money with little to show for it. For example, where were the Highway Patrol Police at the time? One would believe that the capital city would have a higher concentration of security officers especially in these times when we face terror threats. That would seem not to be the case. See also: MPs ask for more security officers The recruitment of more officers to make the burden of policing easy cannot be overemphasised. Above all, police must be given modern weapons and enough motorised transport to make it easy for them to respond to emergencies.

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