SHOCKING things Police Officers GUARDING Hon. MPs and other VIPs are forced to do while on DUTY!

Published on Kenya Today Blog

Following the brutal killing of Kabete MP and veteran trade unionist Hon George Muchai together with his two armed police officer and a driver, many Kenyans have wondered how a lone shooter could have killed the four including two well trained and armed police officers.

Well, it now emerges that some police officer attached to Members of Parliament and most VIPs are often forced to do other odd jobs that in the end do not add value to their core duties. Here is how one Intelligence Analyst C L Magere captured it on a Facebook post .

”VIP protection is simply the most thankless job in this country. Basically, your job is to detect and deter threats to your boss. But as soon as you report to work, you become everything.

You are sent shopping, you drop kids to school, collect debt for boss and wife, you are the errand man to the pharmacy to buy viagra, condoms and P2. You deliver messages and threats to the large harem the boss has, you sometimes intervene in fights between the boss and his women.

You report to work at 4am and follow the boss to weddings, toilets, hotels, funerals, rallies, witchdoctors’ houses, several mistresses, hospitals and godforsaken villages.

And when you happen to witness any of his illegal activities from drugs to child trafficking, your own life is in danger. His family and friends treat you like a slave.

When he goes into private meetings chewing succulent goat thighs, you sit yawning in the car in blistering afternoon heat. For hours. You reported to work at 4am but you haven’t taken a break by the next 4am. Yet everyone expects you to be alert because your training requires that you be!

Then when the enemies of the boss come for him, they take your life too. But everyone mourns the boss, as you remain just a footnote!”

Please drop your comment if you agree or disagree with Collins’s observation.

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