My life is in danger, says Cotu deputy chief Muchai

Thursday, October 6, 2011 – 00:00 — BY NJENGA GICHEHA

COTU deputy secretary general who was shot in an attempted execution last weekend has been discharged from hospital after four days. Speaking to reporters at the Nairobi Hospital yesterday, George Muchai said he has not been shaken by the attempted murder that occurred on Saturday night along Kangundo road in Nairobi.

He urged the workers to stay calm as the police carry out the investigations. “I will not be intimidated by anything. I will continue defending the workers and will not relent in my ambitions to vie for the Kikuyu parliamentary seat. No one is going to stop me,” said Muchai. Muchai said his life is in danger following the attack and urged the police to speed up investigations. “I do not understand why someone would want to eliminate me. I have always been a champion of peace and I have not had any differences with anyone.

My family members as well as the constituents are alarmed by the last weekend events but everything will be brought to light soon,” said Muchai. Narrating the incident, Muchai said he had accompanied Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli for a fundraiser at Indarasia Secondary School in Mutungu constituency.

He said he attended another function in Kikuyu township and on his way home along Kangundo road, he was escorted and attacked. “I saw two cars approach me and in a short while, they stopped and one of the men approached my car and ordered me to surrender. I reached for my pistol and I tried to defend myself. I fired at him and he shot nondiscriminatory at me, hitting my thigh. I speed away and drove to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital,” he said.

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